Apple Officially Evil

Jon Johansen says it best.

It’s time to completely boycott Apple Computer products. Their consumer-hostile lock-in/lock-out tactics are despicable.


  1. I didn’t expect anything else from the company which frontman is the biggest shareholder of Disney.

    For me Apple success is very surprising. Generally, Apple is compatible with itself and Steve Job’s kitchen. And it proves that it is possible to make a big commercial success based only on selling fancy toys.

    At the other side, it looks like Microsoft is moving into the good direction. Yes, I know that they are doing that because of money etc., but it is good to see such moves. When they remove “genuine check” I would start to believe that they really think to make changes.

  2. Microsoft is moving in a good direction? How so? They seem to be crumbling to the ground — very very slowly, because they still have a pseudo-monopoly inside businesses and will be making obscene profits long after they slide into notelessness. They’ve lost their best people to google or other startups. Vista has demonstrated that they can no longer ship a good OS, even with a bank vault bigger than most countries.

    Apple’s problem — the reason it’s becoming evil — is that it has no good competition. Nobody else is as good at making technology easy and appealing to ordinary people. (Nobody even comes close, really.) It’s kind of a shame, because all the programmers that apple is recruiting (does any other os ship bundled with something as good as X-Code) will be programmers that linux doesn’t have. Maybe nokia will at least fill a bit of the cell phone void.

  3. There are two very interesting MS moves:
    # They are adopting GNU/Linux (a deal with Novell). I am almost sure that they will accept GPLv3 quietly.
    # They are in the group with Google in the battle for free use rights. While they are still in the group with Disney at the opposite side 😉 However, their grouping with Disney is older and it is possible that they are trying “to explore other possibilities”.

    And, try to imagine year 1999 and some news like that. It looked like impossible…

    I didn’t say that they are good, but that they are moving in the good direction. And that it is good to see that.

  4. I understand everyone’s frustration about Apple’s current issues with rights management, etc. What about their use of contractors to build their iPods and iPhones using what amounts to slave labor? Their investigators weren’t even diligent enough to see that Foxconn was seriously abusing Chinese labor laws.

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