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The Definition of Free Cultural Works has been officially adopted by the Wikimedia Foundation. This gives us some major visibility, and we want to make use of that visibility by encouraging people to adopt a new set of free culture buttons, designed by amymade.com. Here are some examples:

I asked Amy to make three different colors for different types of works (such as music, scientific papers, or weblogs). I’m very happy with how they turned out — if you have a CC button for a free license on any of your works, you may want to consider replacing it with one of these buttons. I hope they will be adopted within Wikimedia as well.

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  1. Nick Moreau said,

    April 2, 2007 at 4:15 pm

    Would Amy consider making icons for duo-licensed things? I usually choose the CC-BY-SA/GFDL duo license when uploading my creations to Commons. Or should I just place the two buttons next to each other?

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